Class Pricing and Payment Plans

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Exact Class Pricing for Spring 2020 is Available by Contacting J Hall by Text at 972-897-9278.

Families Pay Monthly Tuition Which is Reduced-Rate Tuition Based on an Average of 4 Classes Held Per Month
Over the Course of the Semester for Once-Per-Week Classes. Families Pay the Same Monthly Rate Whether
the Individual Months Have a Total of 3, 4, or 5 Class Meetings. Added Rehearsals, Make Ups, and Special
Events Replace Regular Class Meetings. Monthly Pricing is Reduced by Being Offered on a Sliding Scale
 that Greatly Reduces the Cost of Each Class Added to the Student's Schedule and is Also Offered at a
50% Discount to Additional Family Members. Monthly Tuition is Due During the First Week of the Month.

Per-Class, or Drop In, Tuition is Available for Students Who May Need to Attend Classes Sporadically Rather
Than Regularly. This is Not Reduced-Rate Tuition and Does Not Include a Sliding Scale or Our Family
Discount. Per Class Pricing is Due Prior to Classes Attended.

Our Class Sections Generally Range from 45 Minutes to 2 Hours in Length and
in Cost from $50.00 to $90.00 per Month for Once-Per-Week Classes.

Junior and Teen Students May Take Unlimited Classes in Their Age Range and Level for $175.00 Per
Month- if Excluding Musical Theatre; or for $200.00 Per Month- if Including Musical Theatre. Some
Classes, If the Cost of the Teacher Exceeds What the Class Earns, May be Assigned Extra Fees
That will Be Outside of These Maximums. These Costs Will Not be a Surprise and will Only be
Considered in Cases Where Valuable Classes Need to be Kept With Low Enrollment.

The Sliding Price Scale- while saving you a great amount of cost- Can be Complex, So
Ask Every Question That You May Have.

The Following Items Always Represent Additional Costs During the Year: Private or Group
Coaching, All Convention and Competition Costs, Dancewear, Costuming / Props,
and Recital Theatre Rental Fees.

Always Ask Questions if You are not Sure About Payment Schedules or What You May Owe.

If You Are Being Quoted $400-$500 a Month for Your Child to Dance,
You're Better Off Buying a New Mercedes... It Will Get Them, and You, Further