Childrens Classes

The Happiness and Well-Being of Your Child is Our Top Priority

At Freestyle our children's classes are instructed by an experienced and giving team of teachers and assistants who strive to make every class fun and safe for all involved. Children learn the correct dance vocabulary, dance etiquette, and appreciation of others' dancing efforts. AGES 3 & 4 participate in 45 minute combined Ballet / Tap classes, which emphasize rhythm, body positions, stretching, and general body usage. AGES 5 & 6 participate in combined 1 hour and fifteen minute Ballet / Jazz / Tap classes where extra fun and more theatrical dance is added to the initial mix. All dancers up to the age of six also experience singing, working with props, and performing on stage during our recitals and events. AGES 7 - 10 participate in 1 hour and 30 minute combined Ballet / Jazz / Tap classes where they experience a full range of age appropriate dance. These student also have the option of adding a separate Hip Hop class to their schedule. Beginning as early as age 8, quickly advancing students may be placed in our Junior's program from which our Junior Company is selected. In these separate fall and spring classes they will transition to more teen-level dancing and will be exposed to our signature Rhythm Tap Technique. Development of our Junior Company performance and competition teams is a primary studio goal as of this date.

As you consider dance for your child, be sure to visit and investigate any studio in which you have interest. We strongly recommend this. Remember- one hint that you may be at the wrong studio is when that studio shows more interest in your bank account than in your child. If your child is new to dance, we will help you to insure they are at the right studio and in the right class. Their comfort and enjoyment means everything.
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