Being a part of a team that competes is one of the most rewarding aspects of studio life, creating memories that last a lifetime. Freestyle began competing in 2010 and has a remarkable winning record to show for it. Our rhythm tap "groups" and "trios" have won multiple national titles, regional titles, judges' choice awards, and top convention scores in this relatively short time. This came from hours invested, dedication, careful decision-making, keeping grades up, avoiding drama, real focus, and not putting dances on the stage until they are ready to be shown at their best.

Generally, competition costs are entirely separate from regular studio tuition and recital costs. While the greatest cost is personal, parents should expect the following: Choreography Fees per piece; Convention Registration Costs; Convention Lodging; Competition Fees per piece; and Costume Fees. Generally, all of these costs will be due a month before the event. Parents should note that photography and videotaping is banned at most competitions and the producing organization will generally have digital photos and DVDs available at a premium.

The most important thing parents should remember about competing as a part of a group is that the rest of the participants are relying upon your dancer to be in attendance for rehearsals and to do their part at the highest level. The success of the team, rather than individual dancers, is the point of it all. Likewise, parents must plan to meet the schedule and costs involved. Pulling your dancer out of a competition piece late in the game will very likely damage the efforts of all of the other families involved.

Being a Part of a Team
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